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New - Forced Ventilation Unit's - Type MW 24V DC

forced ventilation units from kmmp 

NEW and now available – forced ventilation units of series MW in voltage 24V DC, IP 66 for frame 56 (63) up to frame 112.

Standard series availalble in voltage 230-277V, 50/60Hz for single-phase
as well as 346-525 V, 50Hz resp. 280-575V, 60Hz for three-phase.

UL/CSA certified and suitable for ambient temperature to 60°C.
Cowls / adaptors to be made customized.

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New - Elprom Flameproof Aluminium Motors
elprom flameproof motors by kMMp   elprom flameproof motors by kMMp

Range introduced to kMMp due to its extensive features and customized options. Well suited for industrial applications that require weight saving but still with the highest possible specifications.

Motors developed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres consisting of gas and vapors or combustible dust. Available to ATEX or IECeX approval with standard IP66 and ambient temps. up to 60 Deg°C without de-rating.

Category 2, suitable for Zone1, 2 (2G), 21, 22 (2GD) manufactured in compliance with European  Standards EN 50014, EN 50018 an EN 50281-1-1 for the protection mode: EEx d IIC for temperature class T4, T5, T6 in execution 2G. (IP65 or IP66 T135°C, T100°C, T85°C in execution 2GD)

In compliance with European  Standards EN 50014, EN 50018, EN 50019 and EN 50281-1-1 for the protection mode: EEx de IIC for temperature class T4, T5, T6 in execution 2G. (IP65 or IP66 T135°C, T100°C, T85°C in execution GD)

 Presence of Dust: Zone 21 and Zone 22 dust group IIIA, IIIB, IIIC Ex tb IP66(IP65 for Ex de), surface temperature T125°C, ambient temp range: -40°C  +60°C.    

The  modular motor is available in the mounting arrangements B3, B5, B14, B34, B35 on the same platform without the needs of costly refit and long delivery times. The terminal box can be placed on the top or side. The cable entry can be rotated in 90° steps.

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New - Magnetic Encoder
 AVTRON Encoder by kMMp
AVTRON Encoder

As general agency of AVTRON we offer you incremental encoder.

Failures of encoders are the past. Advanced sensor technology and a robust construction make them insensitive to external influences such as dust, dirt and water.

magnetic encoder work without wear and offer a maximum of operational safety.

Research and development
  • steps of development for continuous product improvement
  • basic research for further improvement of product properties and implementation of customer requirements into the design concept
  • development of new products by direct use of university research results
  • software developments for computer-aided modeling of products
  • customer-adapted development and design

Innovation compact motor - output 3.0 upto 22 kW

  • substantial decrease in noise and vibration levels
  • by tangential outlet of warmed-up cooling air, no heating influence onto the driven equipment
  • high thermal overloading capacity
  • insulation class F
  • degree of protection IP 55

Innovation compact drive - output 0,75 upto 22 kW

  • harmonized system of motor and frequency converter
  • converter with integrated filters directly on the motor
  • EMC-Rules completely met for the whole quipment
  • stand-by operation (immediate readiness for operation)
  • self-protected
  • speed variations optionally by potentiometer or intergration into control technique

Innovation: 3-phase asynchronous motors with squirrel-cage rotor, size 355 - output 315 upto 500 kW

  • high motor efficiency
  • optimized ration between output and weight / volume
  • most modern manufacturing techniques
  • use of pressed-in stator cores
  • rigid rotor version by aluminium die-cast rotor body
  • suitable for feeding by frequency converter
  • use of up-to-date cast-iron housings for better noise and vibration behaviour
  • insulation system in class F, option for class H



Emac´s current stockholding (as at 01/01/2013) is Rand 15 million. This is made up as follows:

VEM electric motors
cemp flameproof motors
kMMp components and spare
Rand 11 million
Rand 750.000
Rand 750.000
Rand 3,5 million

Emac makes every effort to carry „good stock“, through continued analyses of the market requirement, and are able to have the motors ex stock, meeting their client´s needs.

With the very short lead time in the VEM manufacture programme, Emac also enjoys a quick and even supply from Germany, reducing the problem of carrying „dead stock“.

VEM Motors GmbH

On standard motors there are massive stockholdings in Germany whereas any standard motor can be delivered within 24 hours.

 There are three warehouses in Germany with following stockholding:

  • Factory Wernigerode, approximately 7.000 electric motors from frame IEC 56 upto IEC 315
  • VEM warehouse Essen, Germany , 6.000 electric motors from frame IEC 56 upto IEC 315
  • Warehouse Munich, Germany, 5.000 electric motors frome frame IEC 56 upto frame IEC 315

Further, facilities exist to have any purpose made motor ready for delivery within 48 hours providing the basic type is available from any of above three warehouses.

Leadtimes for fabrications are as follows:

  • VEM factory Thurm (frame IEC 56 upto 112)  4 weeks after order
  • VEM factory Wernigerode (frame 132 upto 315)   7 - 8 weeks after order

There are weekly shipments form Germany (ports of Hamburg or Bremen) and the sailing time to Port Elizabeth is 21 days.

Long term strategy

Our long term strategy will be that VEM electric motors would become a major electric motor supplier in Southern Africa.

Our target will be a market share of  20 - 30 % for low voltage electric motors.

Rewind strategy

Emac does not have its own rewinding facilities in Meadowdale.

Emac uses the facilities of various rewinders and electric motor repairs who have the ability, quality, standards, manpower capacity, transport and service standards that are acceptable to both your company  and the S.A.B.S.

Furthermore, we negotiate the best possible guarantee periods on the rewind and also supply a test certificate when complete, giving the end user every advantage on the repaired unit.

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