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FPM (once F&G) - ATB Explosion-proof electric motors / Hazardous motors


FPM once F&G ATB flameproof motors / hazardous motors FPM once F&G ATB flameproof motors FPM once F&G flameproof motors ATB
FPM (once F&G)
Explosion - proof
electrical Motors
Made in Germany

With the explosion-proof low voltage motors, we offer you a complete programme of safe, reliable, durable and economically viable motors in protection IP 54 to IP 65, and Ex d and Ex de.

All motors are also available as special versions to suit your individual requirements.

The quality control system which is certified to DIN/ISO 9000, guarantees a consistent high level of quality. But there''s even more: As an environmentally friendly company, ATB Motorentechnik GmbH is also certified according to the EU-Enviornmental Audit (EEC 1836/93).


Programme of delivery

Low Voltage Motors
Low-noise three-phase a.c. motor
This version is particularly low-noise. The split terminal box enables easy connection.
F&G flameproof motors ATB
  • Performance range 0,06 – 800 kW
  • Ex-proof II 2 G EEx de IIC T4
Energy-efficient motors
with special components.
F&G flameproof motors ATB
  • Performance range 1,1 - 90 kW
  • Ex-proof II 2 G EEx de IIC T4
  • reduced operating costs
  • less heat losses
  • extended winding lifespan
  • extended lubricating grease service life
  • lower noise levels than other motors
  • reduced energy costs. The higher purchase price investment pays off
  • positive environmental effects: Reduction in emission of C02 and NOx greenhouse gasses from power stations
Special Motors
Motor with integral brake or tacho-generator. This compact method of construction offers significant advantages in terms of space and the possibility of attaching a second shaft end.
F&G flameproof motors ATB
  • Performance range 0,55 - 30 kW
  • Ex-proof II 2 G EEx d(e) IIB T4
  • brake
  • tacho - generator
  • reverse - running lock
  • etc.
Special Motors
This construction enables the attachment of special signal generators. They cannot be realized in the integrated version. Explosion-proofing is enhanced as a result.
F&G flameproof motors ATB
  • Motor with attached DC tacho-generator
  • Performance range 0,55 - 250 kW
  • Ex-proof II 2 G EEx de IIC T4
Special Motors
For larger power range and a higher degree of explosion-proofing.
F&G flameproof motors ATB
  • Motor with attached brake
  • Performance range 0,55 - 30 kW
  • Ex-proof II 2 G EEx de IIC T4
High Voltage Motors
high voltage motors in flameproof enclosures which provide reliable drive power in industrial plants and equipment in the chemical, petrochemical and offshore industries. The extreme operating conditions which prevail in these areas demand the highest levels of operational safety and reliability.
F&G flameproof motors ATB
  • This motor is particularly low in noise and is equipped with built-in temperature sensors for monitoring the bearings. An additional terminal box for PT 100, anti-condensation heaters, etc. is also provided
  • Performance range 160 - 800 kW
  • Ex-proof II 2 G EEx de IIC T4
Compact Drives
Have you ever been faced with the situation where the drive speed cannot be changed, because an explosion-proof motor is used and installation of a frequency inverter in the electrical control room is too complex?
The solution is a motor with an integral frequency inverter!

F&G flameproof motors ATB
  • Compact motor type CD 112 M-4I. With this design, the motor can be directly installed and the drive speed can be controlled
  • Voltage: 380 to 500 V
  • Performance range 0,55 - 11 kW
  • Variable speed drive system for use in Zone1 with explosive atmospheres
  • Spatial integration of flameproof  enclosed motors (CD series) in a  standard version with specially adapted frequency inverters derived from mass produced standard models
  • Resonance effects in the drive incomers are avoided by spatial  integration, as only one sinusoidal supply connection is available. This  means that filtering which is required for installation of an external inverter is not required
  • This drive fulfills the highest demands in the area of control engineering,
    with overload, smooth running, etc., as a result of the vector control  technology applied
  • The integrated PID controller simplifies the closed-loop process control
  • The Bus technology which is available allows optimum adaption to suit the work process.
  • The frequency inverter module can be retrofitted for all PTC thermistor   motors of the CD series, from frame size 80 - 112
  • The fixing dimensions are standardized. It is therefore possible to exchange the motors (for example EEx e) with this compact drive in  many applications
  • The payback on investment is achieved by the savings in energy costs
  • Mechanical control with throttle valve controls or bypasses can be easily   replaced. The efficieny of your installation improves significantly


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