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The VEM group is an innovative, forward-thinking, customer orientated group of companies that operate worldwide. The VEM trademark represents a German proprietary brand that has captured a significant share of the international market. Continuity and reliability, now and in the future, is the guiding principle behind production at VEM. The design and quality aspects have set the standard in the marketplace.

VEM, one  of the largest manufacturer of electrical machinery in Germany, is a diversified independent supplier to the following sectors: mechanical engineering, plant construction, the chemical, oil and gas industries, energy and environmental engineering, wind power plant construction, transport engineering, steelworks and rolling mills to name a few.

Emac signed the official South African Agency Agreement with VEM electric motors - Germany, at the Hannover Trade Fair in April 1995, enabling our company to introduce a quality electric motor at quality price.

However, we soon realised that acceptance of our product into the local market required the local S.A.B.S. 948 certification.

With immediate effect we were in contact with Mr. J. De Lange at the S.A.B.S. Rotating Machine Division, Pretoria, and the necessary steps were taken to prepare the required visit to VEM - Germany to do the quality audit and factory inspection, a pre-requisite as part of our permit application.

As expected the S.A.B.S. awarded VEM the S.A.B.S. 948 mark of approval, remarking that the VEM factory at Wernigerode was possibly the most modern plant of any of the electric motors carrying the S.A.B.S. mark in South Africa.

Subsequently to receiving the permit, our operation at Emac grew from strength to strength as the acceptance of the product became complete. Copies for your perusal are enclosed. Currently we are accredited with the SANS 1804-1 & 2/SABS 1804-1: 2001 & 4: 2004, 1998 Mark of Approval.


Product supply programme


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Three-phase standard motors standard vem motor
  • size 56 - 355
  • 0,06 kW - 500 kW
  • base speeds: 3000, 1500, 1000, 750 1/min
  • foot and flanges mounted types
  • pole changing
  • multi-voltage
  • mounted star-delta switch
  • IE1, IE2, IE3
Slip ring motors slipring vem motor 
  • size 132 - 315
  • 2,2 kW - 315 kW
  • 3,000, 1,500, 1,000, 750, 600, 500 rpm , lower speeds on request
Explosion-protected motors ex vem motor 
  • size 56 - 315
  • 0,06 kW - 315 kW
  • 3,000; 1,500; 1,000; 750 rpm
  • Ex-e, Ex-d and ExnA
  • motors in marine construction
  • design for the dairying
  • with forced ventilation
  • design with thermal winding protection
  • increased degree of protection upto IP 65
  • brake motors
Roller table motors roller table vem motor 
  • size 112 to 355, for frequency converter operation, ARB 22 to 65, heavy version for mains operation
  • 0.4 kW to 500 kW (ARB series from 0.4 to 5.5)
  • 3,000; 1,500; 1,000; 750; 600; 500 rpm, lower speeds available on request
Single-phase motors single-phase vem motor
  • 0.06 kW up to 2.2 kW
  • two and four pole
  • with operational and start capacitor and automatic switch off for more start torque

VEM motors GmbH, are your partner for engineering and environmental technology, plant construction technology and machine construction. Value is added to our motors as follows:

  • All motors are in grey cast-iron cersion, excellently suited for use in severe industrial environment
  • Best adaptibility to each case of use because of internationally standardized mounting
  • Dimensions or optionally customer-adapted special conditions
  • Mechanically  and electrically optimized motor design is a guarantee for low energy
  • Consumption and low noise emission
  • The overall use of cast-iron housings is a base for excellent motor behaviour in co-operation with power
  • electronic speed control units, especially also for smaller motors
  • The whole output range offers also the use of a progressive relation between size and output, for the higher outputs too
  • An up-to-date outer design
Quality Control management

VEM motors GmbH has it´s own quality department. Since 1993, approval of quality capabilities according to DIN ISO 9001 of VEM  motors GmbH by Det Norske Veritas.

VEM motors GmbH selects their suppliers in accordance with its quality level.

The principle „to prevent errors“ takes priority against „to remedy errors“. Each employee is responsible for quality within his field of work.

The current certified quality management system provides for the fact that the quality level is met at all points between acceptance of raw materials and despatch.

By permanent quality system audits the efficiency of the quality management system is maintained.

Conform to international standard

European Norm

EN 50082-1:1992
EN 50081-2:1993
EN 55014:1993
EN 55104: 1995 1995-12
EN 60555-2:1987
EN 60555-3/A1: 1991
EN 60034-5:1986
EN 60034-6:1993
EN 60034-9:1993
German Norm

DIN EN 50082 part 1(03.93 - VDE 0839 part 82-1/03.93
DIN EN 50081 part 2/03.94 - VDE 0839 part 81-2/03.94
DIN EN 55014/12.93 - VDE 0875 part 14/1293
DIN EN 55104: 1995-12 - VDE 0875 part 14-2:
DIN VDE 0838 part 2/06.87
DIN EN 60555 part 3A/04.93 - VDE 0838 part 3A1/04.93
DIN VDE 0530 part5/04.88
DIN EN 60034-9/05.96 - VDE 0530 part 9/05.96
DIN EN 60034-1/11.95

Further conformities to international standards and authorities are included in attached VEM documentation.


More information on other versions an alternatives are available on VEM homepage.

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